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Pasture raised eggs from hens fed a corn and soy free diet. Our hens forage on native grasses and bugs on the hills overlooking Tomales Bay in Marshall, Ca

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We run on our hens on a integrated system, which means that we first graze the pasture with cattle. That takes care of all of the tall grasses, than we bring the hens in with portable coops built to have everything the hens need to live out on pasture. The hens will eat whatever bugs and short grasses our left while fertizing the groud with their manure. The hens are than pulled of and rotated to the next pasture while that pasture is irrigated and rested to grow back stronger than before. 

     Being raised on a (MALT) protected property, we have had the opportunity to create a carbon farm plan. We have been working with the Marin Carbon Project to find ways to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and help fight climate change through rotational grazing and compost application.

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